Saleo + Great Demo Webinar: Create Deal Velocity with Vision Generation Demos

An underutilized and remarkably effective technique, Vision Generation Demos have proven to be the crisp cure for stunningly awful Harbor Tours, cutting to the chase and saving tremendous time for both vendors and prospects. When should they be used? How are they delivered? How are they constructed? We’ll share these truly best practices and show how tools like Saleo enable you to align with prospect markets, job titles, and specific interests with just a few mouse clicks.


How to Develop Sales-Ready Customer Stories

Join Morgan J. Ingram, named a “Top Sales Voice” by LinkedIn in 2018, 2019, and 2020, and current VP, GTM @ Sales Impact Academy, and Justin McDonald, CEO of Saleo as they discuss creating relevant use cases and customer stories within the sales cycle, and how Saleo is enabling go-to-market teams to create sales-ready demo stories.


Saleo + Great Demo Webinar: A Perfect Demo Environment - Revealed!

Peter Cohan, author of Great Demo!, and Daniel Hellerman, CPO of Saleo create the perfect sales demo environment live inside the world’s leading SaaS tools.


Saleo - Introductory Video

Introducing Saleo, the revolutionary sales demo environment platform that will change the way you sell forever. With Saleo, you can create custom demos for your software in minutes, with complete control over graphs, text, images, tables, and more.