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Saleo gives you complete control over every graph, metric, table, text, image & icon.

Yes! Saleo has a no-code integration that works directly with any browser-based SaaS app allowing you to personalize your products graphs and metrics in real-time. Saleo allows you to create time-based metrics that are always current, while also allowing you to push and design years worth of data.

Yes! Saleo allows easy image and icon replacement. We support all the common image formats gif, png, jpg, .svg + more.

The same technology Saleo uses to power our no-code graph editor allows us to connect and map every field in your tables. Even better, all your tables controls like search, sort, and filters work.

Yes, any metric in your product is easily controlled. It doesn't matter if its a speedometer, pop-up metric, infograph, bar chart, pie chart, etc Saleo can connect to it with ease, allowing you to tell any product story you wish.

Yes! Saleo allows you to select any piece of text in your product and quickly replace it. Whether its the name of a metric, a customer or companies name, or anything else! We even have full token support for quick text replacement.

Absolutely Not! Saleo allows you to demo your actual live SaaS product. Unlike other platforms that make a front-end capture of your product, or weave together low-resolution screen captures, Saleo natively integrates with your product, without requiring any code embedded inside it.

Yes! Another huge differentiation between Saleo and other platforms on the market is that we work inside your actual live SaaS product. Give you product demos any way you want, every features works the same as it should, you are demoing your product 100%.

Saleo's chrome extension looks at all the pieces used to render your SaaS product in real-time: HTML, CSS, JS, graphs, images, text, you name it, and plugs in directly in real-time.

Absolutely! Saleo was built by SaaS veterans with over 30+ years of experience building and launching multi-billion dollar SaaS companies.

Saleo is available as an extension for Google Chrome. It is available on their web store.

Yes! Saleo was built from the ground up for compatibility with any browser-based SaaS product.

We believe in authenticity! Founded by previous heads of sales & product we believe demoing a non-operational copy of your product, or an interactive screenshot is disingenuous. B2B SaaS Sellers and Buyers want to see real SaaS products. Not recordings. Differences in performance, load times, usability, etc give buyers a bad taste.

We are always happy to answer any questions, send us an email to Hello@Saleo.io!

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