Transform Your Existing Demo Environment in Seconds

Saleo is the only platform in the market that allows your sales engineers to transform your existing demo environment – live and in real-time. No copies, no screenshots, no fakes. Your live native product looking better than ever!
Saleo Live™ & Presales Teams:
A Match Made in Heaven

No matter how you demo, saleo has you covered:

The Only Truly Live Demo Platform

"Live Demo" Definition:
Product Tours
Demo Inside Your Native Product
Interactive product tours require incredibly laborious effort to record every single screen and modal in your product. This can lead to months of challenging screen capture and enablement, if they even capture your product correctly.
Demo Anywhere Inside or Out of Your Product Without Having to Record Each Step

Interactive product demos require you to records every single screen in your product, sometimes multiple times to capture interactivity, leading even small mid-market companies to manage hundreds of individually recorded screens.

All Features of Your Product Work (Filters, Graphs, Workflows, Etc.)

Traditional screen capture methods remove your ability to demo your products interactive features.

Complete Control Over All Demo Data

With Saleo your entire product just works, including complex calculations, deep diving into interconnected data, and more.

No Replacements With "Look-Alikes"

Traditional demo tools try to replace your graphs, tables, and metrics with look-alikes to reproduce your products functionality. With Saleo your native product just works.

Go Anywhere & Click Anything - Everything Just Works.
Cloning and Interactive Product Tours lead to many "hidden brick walls" and "potholes" that hinder live demos. Prospects always go off script - make sure you can too!

Incredible Live Demos. No Hidden Brick Walls.

Saleo Live™ adapts your existing demo environment for any vertical, industry, use-case or target account. Personalize graphs, data structures, text, images or stories with ease – all within your authentic app. Increase win rates by 74%+!
Before Saleo After Saleo

Reduce Demo Prep Time. Dramatically.

Sales engineers should be selling software, not spending hours configuring sales demo environments. Help your solutions consultants build a custom demo in minutes inside your native demo environment.

Saleo users experience a 51% -2,000% reduction in demo prep time. Build highly relevant demos, data sets, and use cases in a fraction of the time and share your demo with the rest of the GTM team!

Eliminate Product & Engineering Cost

Maintaining demo data and demo tenants is expensive. Saleo creates self-sufficiency within presales and removes the costly reliance on product and engineering.

Ryan Splain

Principal Demo Solutions Engineer, Salesloft

"We reduced our weekly demo maintenance time by 100% after deploying Saleo. Also, the Salesloft product has never looked better."

Michael Stanczak

Vice President | Enterprise Sales

"There are meetings we can't do properly without Saleo. We can now show off the eloquence of the software in ways not possible before."

Purpose Built for Presales

Saleo Live™ was built exclusively for, and guided by, presales teams at the world’s most successful SaaS companies. Our North Star has always been to empower presales with live demos but with full control to adapt to any buyer’s needs.


Use Saleo's graph designer to edit your product's native graphs to help you tell any story.


Take over any and all complex data in your product with our table designer, allowing for bulk replacement of data in seconds.


Just need to replace a few lines, or want to edit a company's name or details? Just click and edit; Saleo's global find and replace operates across your entire product.


Swap company logos, headshots, ad creatives, and more to ensure your demo environments are data-complete and relevant to your prospects.

AI-Powered native Demo environments

Our customers call it “magic”…we call it live demo automation at scale. Saleo Live™ is the only platform on the market that lets you demo your actual SaaS product, not a copy or a screenshot.

Saleo’s AI -powered modeling engine intelligently learns how your product powers its graphs, tables, and other metrics, and enables you to personalize them in real-time.

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Saleo Adapts to Your Demo Requirements

We understand that every demo environment is unique and requires optionality. Saleo Live™ utilizes three (3) onboarding options that adapt to your demo requirements and existing challenges.

Full Takeover

Saleo takes over your entire demo environment, allowing you to create incredible interconnected data stories that are always up to date.


Hybrid data modifies the data in your existing demo environment, enabling you to tell specific stories or edit pieces of data in real-time to better reflect different industries or pain points while keeping your demo data accurate across the product.


Have great data but just need it kept up to date? Or maybe you have a few graphs you want to optimize for better story telling? Saleo has you covered.

Built With The Enterprise In Mind

Single Sign-On

Saleo offers seamless single sign-on (SSO) integration with popular identity providers such as Google Workspace, Okta, and Rippling.


Saleo places a high priority on information security and conforms to ISO 27001 standards, which ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data.

Access Control Policies

Saleo's Role-based Access Control (RBAC) configurations allow admins to assign roles tailored to each employee's position, ensuring they have access only to the features necessary to perform their job.



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