Saleo Capture™

Create interactive demos that tell a better story – powered by data from Saleo Live™. Empower buyers to consume demos on their own terms and accelerate the sales cycle with a unified demo platform.


Capture Key Demo Moments

Extend your live demo experience using Saleo Live™ and then Capture™ key moments from the live demos to transform them into interactive demos.

Track Insights

View analytics to identify key pain points or intent across the entire buying committee. Push live alerts to your sales & marketing team for quick engagement.


Create Memorable Engagement

Memorable product demos are essential. Avoid dull product tours or static images. Instead, make your demos interactive with tooltips, embedded videos, and more.

Share Instantly

Share personalized links with prospects via email or embed product tours on your website or landing pages. Integrate actions and intent back to the marketing and sales stack.

Analytics That Increase Revenue

Comprehensive Demo Analytics

Gain valuable insights into demos taken, completion rates, and highest intent product features to optimize your sales strategy.

Prospect Engagement Tracking

Monitor prospect interactions with your demos, including views over time, and identification of hot leads.

Demo Optimizations

Leverage demo analytics to create customized recommendations to enhance conversion rates.

Product Engagement Metrics

Understand which product features resonate most with your prospects to help provide maximize value in the sales cycle

Integrate Into Existing Marketing and Sales Stack

Saleo Capture integrates with over 1000+ of the leading sales & marketing tools to supercharge your demo experience!

Create, Share, and Track Buyer Intent

Accelerate your lead generation efforts with Saleo Capture™. Create hyper-personalized demos that feature interactive forms, tooltips, embedded videos , and more to boost engagement and generate qualified leads. With real-time analytics and insights, optimize your sales funnel and turn prospects into customers.

Create the perfect recipe for demo success

Saleo’s intuitive workflow builder allows you to build powerful automation at scale to get the most out of your interactive product demos.


Saleo integrates in real-time with over 1000+ of the leading sales & marketing platforms.

Recipes & Workflows

Not sure where to start? Saleo's library of popular recipes makes it easy to start integrating your tech stack. Want to build something more advanced? Saleo's intuitive recipe builder allows you to create your own automation in real-time.


Saleo's data reports in real-time allowing for instant alerts to your sales & marketing teams as their prospects interact with their demos.

Saleo Capture Overview

  • Capture incredible, data complete, demos built using Saleo Live™ (avoid garbage in garbage out.)
  • Create guided demo experiences with tooltips, embedded videos, and more.
  • Share personalized links with prospects, embed product tours on the website or outbound email.
  • Track analytics to measure intent, areas of interest and convert leads!

Interactive Demos That Convert