Salesloft’s Demo Team Transformation with Saleo

2X Sales Satisfaction

1000+ Company Size

Challenge: Improve Live Demo Quality

Ryan Splain

Principal Demo Solutions Engineer, Salesloft


Salesloft, the first and only AI-powered Revenue Orchestration Platform for the entire buyer journey, wanted a better way to effectively showcase and scale their product demos. Maintaining high-quality demo environments with real data for their diverse customer base was a challenge. This case study delves into how Salesloft tackled these issues by adopting Saleo, a revolutionary platform that transformed their demo processes.

The Challenge: Desire for Improved Demo Quality and Data Maintenance

Ryan Splain, Principal Demo Solutions Engineer at Salesloft, felt the challenges directly in his day-to-day role and was compelled to find a better way to solve their demo environment challenges. With a single demo environment that supported over 300 sales team members and thousands of demos per month, maintaining cleanliness and ensuring high-quality data for effective demonstrations proved daunting. Key challenges included high-quality data presentation, unsustainable manual maintenance of demo environments, and incomplete efforts from the API and engineering teams.

Action-Tip: Create Transparency and Focus on Demo Experience For Everyone

Ryan emphasized the importance of solving the challenge was to be open with his sales partners about the current state of the demo experience and opening up to the possibilities of a better way. Saleo ultimately enables every sales rep to give a great demo, highlighting the value of showcasing a high-quality product experience without manual data preparation overhead.

We were struggling to effectively showcase our product with high-quality data in our demo org. We had attempted to maintain the environment manually, even with an API and developer team on the engineering side. And neither of those options were sustainable long term, and so we needed a different  solution.

Ryan Splain

Principal Demo Solutions Engineer, Salesloft

The Solution: Adopting Saleo for Real-Time, Live Demos

Ryan, in conjunction with product management and sales leadership, led the Salesloft effort to find the right solution by forming a cross- functional group of stakeholders to ensure that all of their challenges were addressed. They evaluated various tools, focusing on real-time, live demos. Saleo’s live data approach distinguished it from competitors, offering a solution that eliminated screenshots, duplications, and smoke-and-mirror techniques.

The main selling point of Saleo was that it’s live. Live data, live demo in a real environment. We excluded vendors that used screenshots, duplicating screenshots, smoke and mirrors, click-throughs. It needed to be real live product. 

Ryan Splain

Principal Demo Solutions Engineer, Salesloft

Implementation Process: Prioritizing and Streamlining with Saleo

During implementation, Salesloft prioritized showcasing the most challenging aspects first and gradually expanded to cover all functionalities. Initial usage and key demo flows were deployed within a few weeks, with the total implementation process spanning approximately four months, ensuring a smooth transition to maximize Saleo usage across the sales organization.

Adoption and Results: Integrating Saleo into Salesloft’s Demo Process

Saleo’s adoption at Salesloft was rapid, with the platform becoming an integral part of the demo process. The adoption strategy included live sessions, Q&A sessions, informational decks, best practices, and a dedicated Slack channel for continuous support. Measurable results showcased increased demo organization satisfaction and significant reduction in time spent maintaining or building demos.

Impact: Transforming Roles and Processes at Salesloft

The implementation of Saleo led to a significant shift in Ryan Splain’s role, transitioning from a Sales Engineer to a Sales Engineering Program Manager. He was able to elevate his role from being a tactical demo engineer to becoming a strategic partner in the sales process with the transformation of the demo experience.  By having Saleo to level-up the demo environment, Sales engineers were now able to go beyond mere demo presenters to becoming strategic players on the  account team that are involved in technical discovery, risk assessment, and collaboration with consulting and implementation teams. 

Future Considerations: Exploring New Features and Enhancements

Salesloft continues to explore new features like Capture, aiming to continuously enhance the demo experience and explore additional functionalities that Saleo offers.

Conclusion: Saleo’s Impact on Salesloft’s Demo Processes

Saleo has transformed Salesloft’s demo processes, addressing challenges in maintaining high-quality demo environments. It not only streamlined the demo process but also reshaped the roles of sales engineers within the organization. The measurable improvements underscore Saleo’s tangible impact on Salesloft’s sales processes, positioning it as a crucial element in delivering exceptional sales experiences.