Win More Deals with Hyper Relevant Sales Demos

Saleo helps software sales teams improve their demo experience, allowing them to close more deals, while decreasing their time-to-close. Saleo’s innovative approach to sales demo environments allows personalization of your existing product in real-time, with no-code or product integration required.

Ready for a Data-Complete Demo Experience?

Demo Library

The demo library is a great way to make sure your product shines, no matter what the use case. Saleo can create an unlimited volume of highly personalized demo experiences inside your own demo environments, so you can show off the features that will solve all your customers problems and leave prospects feeling like they've just found what was missing in their life!

When it comes to showing off your product, a generic demo environment for a singular industry just won't do. Saleo allows you to personalize your live SaaS demo down to the finest detail. Tailor your demos by industries, companies, use cases, job functions, and more. The choice is yours!

When it's time to lean in on a big account, to show them you can truly solve their problems, Saleo allows you to easily clone your top-performing demos and personalize them down to the smallest details to help you close deals faster.

Take your best performing demos, and share them to the rest of your go-to-market team! Did you just build the perfect demo experience? Share your template with other Sales Engineers and AE's to give them a head start.

Launching your live, hyper-personalized SaaS demos is as simple as hitting play! Once your browser refreshes, your SaaS product is ready to be shown in it's best light!

Simply hit "create new demo" and you are off to the races creating incredible, hyper-personalized SaaS demo environments. Don't want to start from scratch? Just duplicate an existing template to accelerate the sales cycle.


Personalize Any Page

Saleo can personalize any page in your product, period, but it doesn't stop there. With our no-code solution we ensure no matter where your product is integrated, it is always seen in it's best light!

Remove "imagine this" from your vocabulary. Saleo allows you to model your graphs, text, images, icons, and tables to tell the exact story you want to convey to your customers. Instead of telling them how you can solve their problems, show them in style with a personalized demo!

It's time to take your product marketing to the next level. Stop spending hours working with product or engineering to get a single graph or table to look right for a screenshot. Saleo allows you to tell complex data stories in seconds, ensuring your next use case, white paper, blog, or press release instantly captures your audience's attention!


Customize Any Graph or Metric

Your data tells your story, so ensure it's the right one! Stop showing your buyers empty graphs and telling them to "just imagine it," or, even worse showing them old data that makes your product look outdated. Saleo allows you to customize any graph in your live demo environment, in seconds, helping you publish years worth of complex data without costly engineering or data resources.

It doesn't matter what type of graph or metric you have in your product. Saleo can support it! Without requiring your product team to write thousands to records to your database, Saleo will allow you to write complex, detailed data to any graph in your product in real-time.

Do you have custom graph types, maps, & more in your product that are unique to your SaaS tool? Saleo can map these unique use cases with ease allowing you to publish and manipulate structures & unstructured data with ease.


Personalize Any Text Field

SaaS demos are complex, but personalization shouldn't have to be. Saleo allows you to select any piece of text, and quickly change it, whether it's a company name, description, data point, user name or more to help you tell your sales story.

Whether it's the company's name in the top corner of your app, a field label, workflow or a folder structure - personalization in the demo experience is important. The more your prospects see themselves using your product, the more likely they are to buy!

Let's be honest, your product has a lot of uses, but it's hard to demo to multiple industries when your demo data is generic. Help your prospects visualize their pain points and business objectives with ease.

Is there a piece of text that appears in multiple areas of your product? Use a simple token that replaces exact text fields across your entire platform, with one click.

Generic content and use cases lead to a bad demo experience. Saleo makes it easy to adapt your product to resonate with any use case or customer pain point.


Customize Tables at Scale

Whether it's a small table showing performance metrics, or a large 50+ column complex table, Saleo can personalize it! Our built in table designer allows for easy editing, bulk personalization and a CSV upload to enable bulk editing at scale.

It doesn't matter if it's 1 row, or a million rows of data, Saleo allows you to easily manipulate any table in your product to tell the right story for your sales team.

Saleo helps you easily drop in your find and replace tokens to tell your sales stories easily. Replace company names with %CompanyName1%, %CompanyName2%, etc to allow easy replacement for sales teams. Take it one step further and sync your tables data to Saleo's personalization studio to enable your sales reps to build demos at scale without the need of a solutions engineer!


Personalize Any Image or Icon

The next level of SaaS demo personalization is customizing your demo's images. Whether it's replacing company logos, headshots, or just matching image styles to your prospects brand every little bit of personalization shows your prospects that you care!

Want to ensure your prospects are envisioning themselves using your product? Instead of a generic logo for your demo environment, replace the logo or icon with their company logo. Do you white label your platform or import company logos anywhere in your product? With a simple find & replace you can personalize company logos easily.

Easily swap out stock images inside your product to help match your prospects brand for the perfect demo experience.

Is the imagery in your product too generic? Maybe you built your demo using images for constructions companies, but now your demoing a healthcare company! Saleo allows you to say goodbye to your poorly converting demo environments, and create a sales demo that will truly engage.


Show Your Product in It’s Best Light

Now that you've got your personalized demos built, it's time to take your company’s sales & product marketing to the next level. Close more deals, faster with hyper-personalized live sales demos, or create the next high-converting piece of marketing collateral with personalized screenshots.

When you show your product in it's best light your prospects will naturally be drawn to it! Personalizing your demo experience to show how you can truly solve their problems will give you the competitive edge over the competition!

When you are building decks, case studies, white papers, blog posts, website images and more, you need personalized screenshots that help you tell the right story for any use case, industry, or vertical. Saleo takes your product marketing to the next level allowing you to customize your product screenshots down to the smallest detail!

When your product team releases new features, its hard to get a good idea of what your new release will look like with 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, or even years worth of data. With a few clicks of a button you can test your live product with incredible amounts of data without having to get backend engineers involved.


Share Your Success With The Entire Team

Now that you've figured out how to track your best performing demos, its time to share them with you team. Saleo allows easy sharing of any demo experiences across your team.

Saleo allows the sharing of any demo out to anyone in your team with just the click of a button!

Saleo allows you to set permissions to control your demo environment. Allow users to collaboratively edit, play, personalize your demo allowing you to keep a tight control on the stories your team is telling.


Easy Onboarding

Saleo makes adding, removing and managing users a breeze. With our self service portal you can bring on new solutions engineers, account executives, product marketers in seconds! Saleo is a no-code application, so we don't require any direct integration with your product at all, allowing you to start giving live sales demos in seconds!

Saleo supports easy password management, as well as single sign-on from Google & Okta.


Start creating your dream demo environment today!