Remove Live Demo Anxiety

Stop focusing on what could go wrong, and start focusing on all the ways to wow your team.

Prevent bad demo data, product bugs, and new environments from ruining your demo.

Demo your live environment, while ingesting cached, personalized data from Saleo, helping you avoid downtime, or long loads.

Easily swap test data with personalized data in seconds allowing you to customize your product demo to your audience.

Thoroughly Test New Features

Tired of testing your product with empty data? Wish you could test it with months, or even years worth of data? Saleo can help fill in the gaps! 

Generate years worth of graph, metric, and heads-up data in seconds. Allowing you to simulate what long term adoption of new features could look like.

Get ahead of display problems – Ingesting new data with our graph designer helps you learn of any potential UX or product issues before they could happen. 

Personalize your demo data to allow for quick testing, while simulating any persona, or use case. Delight product advisors with personalized demo data.

Delight Internal & External Teams with Better Software Demos

Whether its for a product advisory council, or just sharing sneak preview screens with your favorite product marketer, Saleo makes it easy to personalize your software demo environment. 

Rolling out a new feature you can’t wait to share with customers? Send them a sneak peak showing what their data could look like. 

Selling your board on a new feature release? Replace “imagine this” with real-world examples.

Need to provide product marketing with screenshots long before a feature goes live? Use our graph designer to insert new data, and our image, icon and text replacement to ensure pixel perfect quality!

Ready to Create the Perfect Product Demo With Ease?