How Product Experience Determines Sales Success

Better conversion rates for your software will require hard work and skillful technique. Ensuring that your product experience is top-notch for clients is a must! 

Product experiences have become key to success in the sales space. They allow prospects to fully experience products instead of leaving them to imagine the benefits. 

This article explains what a product experience is, and how it can boost your success as a business. 

Product Experience and How It Determines Success

A product experience refers to the process of allowing a potential client or customer the opportunity to test out a product and all its features. After this, they can decide whether or not they want to commit to signing up for or purchasing your product. 

In a great product experience, clients will understand how a product works. They will also understand exactly how your product can help them improve their business. 

This experience can be offered through a personalized demo environment, but can also be in the form of a free trial or testing period. This gives prospects the opportunity to engage with your software before deciding whether to integrate it into their business processes. 

Top Tip: Ensure Your Product is Ready

It is crucial to ensure that your product is glitch-free before offering it up to potential clients for a product experience. You often have one shot at this type of sale. If the product does not work seamlessly, it can leave a poor impression, and the client is likely to move on to another option. 

To be sure that your product is up to scratch, do in-house test runs of the product experience. This way, you can pick up on any glitches and make the necessary changes prior to the trial period.

Product experiences are also a great way to get direct feedback on what works and does not work for clients. This type of feedback allows you to continuously improve your products to serve your target market optimally. If a client decides to not use your product, use their feedback to see where improvements can be made. 

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Top Ways Product Experience Boosts Success

Engages Clients

When trying to close more deals, you might think that you need to do all the talking to convince prospects to sign up for your product. With a great product experience, you can let the product do the talking. 

In the product experience, for example in a live demo, make sure that the client can see the key features of your software. Execute functions that will show them why the software will benefit their business. 

Engaging the prospect in this way will get them interested in the product. This way, you’ll be able to shake more hands over closed deals. 

Highlights Key Features

In a great product experience, the prospect will understand how their business processes can improve with the use of your software. 

In a good product experience, prospects will understand the key features of your product. This way, they can clearly see what they will be able to accomplish by partnering with your software. 

To determine which features to focus on in a demo, a little bit of research into the client is needed. 

Look into the strengths and weaknesses of their performance, and seek out clear gaps that need to be filled. Use these in your demo to show clients that your software can bolster their business success! 

Allows Interactivity

Interactive product experiences can boost your sales.

A traditional sales demonstration can often be quite one-sided, not allowing the client to interact with you (and vice versa). This changes with an experience-based sales pitch. 

With a product experience like a free trial, prospects can take your product into their own hands and work with the features at their own pace. 

It allows them to interact with what is on offer, and pick up on any areas they enjoy or wish could be improved. 

Helps Visualization 

When prospects are presented with product options, they might need to imagine how the options will help their business. With a great product experience, not much is left up to the imagination!

Clients will have a firsthand experience with the product itself, so they will know exactly what the user experience will be on a day-to-day basis. They will also directly see or experience the benefits they can expect if they buy the product. 

Without experiencing a product, prospects might not be convinced about how it works. When prospects can clearly see how a product will benefit their business, you’re sure to make more sales. 

Allows Feedback

During the sales process, feedback is essential to gather. A product experience allows for deeper, more informed feedback. 

When prospects are experiencing your product, you can engage them in an ongoing conversation about what they enjoy and don’t like about the product. 

It is important to allow space for clients to provide feedback to you, so that you can respond and potentially incorporate their feedback into your product. 

This makes it clear that you value the client’s insight. Everyone loves to be heard, and this can boost your sales. 

Final Thoughts

The best way to convince a client to buy a product is by providing an excellent total product experience

This allows prospects to use your product and navigate the benefits and features. Before they commit to the product, prospects will understand exactly how your software can work for them! 

Providing good product experiences will boost your sales, as prospects will not need to imagine how your product can benefit them or fit into their operations. This removes hesitation and doubt from their side, and leads to more sales for your business! 

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