How To Master The Digital Product Experience

A great digital product experience is necessary for boosting software product sales, improving customer retention, and developing a more powerful brand. 

As all industries focus on digitization, there’s an enormous range of different digital products available. People’s digital product expectations are also at an all-time high, with a lot of strong competition out there. 

It’s important to master your digital product experience if you want to maximize product sales and achieve sustainable business growth. 

This guide breaks down some of the fundamentals of a digital product experience, and how you can improve this experience for your users.

What is the Digital Product Experience?

The digital product experience is the entire experience a user goes through when interacting with your digital product. 

This includes every step of the user’s journey, from the initial discovery of the product to onboarding and continued product engagement. 

A digital product experience can apply to any kind of software application, website, online service, or mobile app. Many different elements come together to add to this product experience, such as the user interface (UI), the functionality of the product, the product’s performance, and how the digital product meets the user’s expectations. 

A great digital product experience adds value to the user and helps them achieve their goal or eliminate their pain points. 

The better you can pull this off, the easier it will be to improve your customer retention and spread positive brand awareness. 

How to Master the Digital Product Experience

Many different elements contribute to the digital product experience, so there’s a lot involved in mastering the digital product experience. 

Here are some of the best steps and tips to help you provide a better digital product experience to your users. 

Know Your Users

The first step in developing a great digital product experience is having a strong understanding of your target users. 

Understand their interests, pain points, and needs. Know why they would want to use your product and understand the exact conditions under which they would be using your digital product.

This will help you set clear digital product goals that match your users’ interests, and help you provide a product experience that better aligns with your users.

Apply User-Centric Design

Now that you know all about your users, you can design a product that puts the user first. This includes having an intuitive interface, easy navigation, and offering the right visual hierarchy for a smooth product experience.

Go back to your users’ goals and understand what they want to get out of your product. Then, make sure your digital product experience addresses this.

Your product should be easy to use and offer all of the features a user is looking for to solve their problems. If you find that users are struggling to access the full value that your product offers then you may need to change up your product design.

Streamline the Onboarding Process

A great digital product experience is not only focused on the product. The steps a user takes when discovering the product and being onboarded all add to their experience. 

So, focusing on providing an excellent onboarding experience is important. This helps set the user up for success and ensures they know all of the different functions and possibilities of your product. Focusing on onboarding will help users achieve their goals with the product a lot more easily. 

Onboarding can start with your sales demo environment, where you show the user how your product works and how it can help them achieve their goals. 

Then, onboarding continues by providing clear guidance and instructions to the user on how to make the most of your product. 

The more knowledge a user has about how the product works, the better their digital product experience will be straight from the start.

Personalize the Digital Product Experience

One of the best tactics to create a positive user experience is to tailor the digital product experience as much as possible to each individual. This could involve setting the user up with the most relevant product features for them or using user data to make personalized recommendations to each user.

Again, this starts with a personalized product demo, which can help you understand the specific goals and requirements of each user. Get this right, and you can optimize each user journey in a way that helps them gain maximum value from the product. 

Focus On Performance Optimization

There’s always room to improve your digital product experience. Performance optimization is all about making sure the technical elements of your product work well. This includes things like offering fast loading speeds and making sure all interactions are smooth. 

For a great digital product experience, ensure you constantly monitor the technical performance of your product and find ways to improve it. In such a competitive digital environment, this plays a major role in how you shape your user’s experiences.

Set the Right Performance Metrics and Continuously Improve

Mastering the digital product experience is an ongoing process. 

To ensure you’re always improving your product experience for users, you’ll need to consistently monitor the right performance metrics. These should be aligned with your user’s goals that you established early on. 

Make sure you’re continuously reviewing your user expectations, technology and industry trends, and the abilities of your product. Update and optimize these areas wherever it makes sense. 

It’s also a good idea to actively gather user feedback and continuously evolve your product to meet the ever-changing demands of users. 


Every interaction a user has with your product, from their pre-sales experience right through to their continued engagement, adds to their digital product experience. 

By optimizing each step a user takes, you’ll be able to enhance their overall experience in a big way. This will help you gain more long-term customers and more repeat revenue. It will also help you develop a stronger brand for a more effective sales process.

So, focus on the strategies above, and any kind of business can improve its digital product experience. This is essential in today’s highly digitized world. 

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Brian Cody

VP of Sales Engineering, Clari

Michael Stanczak

VP of Enterprise Sales, illumin

Ryan Splain

Principal Demo Solutions Engineer, Salesloft