Leading the Software Sales Demo Revolution

As we survey the SaaS go-to-market motion, there are several critical items that impact win rates and pipeline conversion, but the sales demo has the single greatest impact to win rate than any other element in the sales motion.  The rep matters, the brand matters, the relationship matters, the discovery matters, the sales positioning matters…but it all comes together when the software is being presented.  It’s the penultimate step in the sales process and every detail matters.

Sales Demo Experience Platform; Why Now?

We constantly hear from Solutions Consultants, Sales Engineers and Account Executives a feeling of frustration and disillusionment of their demo process.   It’s so difficult to nail each demo, every time, and there are too many variables that can impact a great demo.  Here are the top 4 challenges we hear from SaaS companies:

  1. B2B demo data is generic, not relevant and not tailored correctly for their prospect or customer.
  2. Sales demo environments have empty, null, or old data.  It’s a bad look.
  3. Product enhancements and new features exacerbate issues for the sales team.  
  4. Replicating great demos across the sales team at scale is hard, and training new employees even harder.

Every Detail Matters In The Sales Experience

Software sales is an art and a science, and sales demo personalization is no different.  The demo is so critical to win rate, and although it’s multi-faceted regarding cadence of delivery, messaging and description of the value proposition, what matters most is what the buyer is viewing.  It’s the most important element to the story and every detail matters. Here are a few elements we see negatively impacting the B2B sales demo experience:

  • Tables with zeros, or test data.  
  • Blank graphs and charts across the product.  
  • Folder structures that aren’t relevant to the prospects industry or interest.  
  • Workflow descriptions and images that are empty or vague. 

All of these pieces of the personalized demo experience matter, and most of the time they can be the difference between a good demo and a great demo experience.  It will be the difference between closed won and closed lost. Who can take that kind of risk with sales bookings?

Saving Sales Teams From a Poor Sales Experience

Reps who can nail every detail and personalize every element for their sales presentation will eventually rise to the top.  Software is only as good as the demo and the demo experience is only as good as those who present it with the tools they’ve been given.  Saleo was born from this age old challenge and allows sales engineers, solutions consultants and account executives to demo their product with never before seen customization, personalization, ease and scale.  It’s simple to set up, works on any product, and provides the mechanism to scale a great demo experience across the entire organization.  Saleo requires no code, is designed for standard sales business users and every element of the demo can be tailored.  Text, tables, charts, graphs, icons and images.  Saleo arms the go-to-market team with the means to demo their product in the absolute best light and with personalization and relevancies for every type of buyer.  

Saleo was designed to solve a big problem.  A problem we have experienced personally for over 16 years.  Most importantly, Saleo was designed to help win more customers, more deals, and more revenue.  Who’s ready?!


Brian Cody

VP of Sales Engineering, Clari

Michael Stanczak

VP of Enterprise Sales, illumin

Ryan Splain

Principal Demo Solutions Engineer, Salesloft