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Sales Demo Video

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A sales demo video is a short video that demonstrates the benefits of your product or service. In the SaaS field, a demo video showcases a short demo of the software, which then encourages leads to request a full interactive demo of the software. 

Your sales demo video can make or break your pitch. 73% of adults are more likely to purchase products after a sales video. But for it to be effective, the video needs to have a great hook, engaging visuals, and a short, to-the-point script. 

Today, we’ll show you how to elevate your sales demo video – how to turn it from generic background noise into a charming software demo video that turns prospects into paying customers!

How To Create a Sales Demo Video 

Before you optimize your sales demo video, you need to create it. Follow these quick steps to start creating your sales demo video. 

Create Customers Profiles 

First, create customer profiles to target your target audience effectively. Use social media analytics, website analytics, and CRM software to see who your most fervent supporters are. 

Use the demographics to flesh out customer profiles. If you have different software options with different customer bases, segment them into different groups. You’ll need different demo videos for each segmentation. 

Determine The Video Goal 

Do you want the target audience to click on the purchase link? Are you trying to increase brand awareness? Are you advertising a specific software solution on your website?  Determine the video goal and what you need leads to do when the sales demo video is done. 

Establish A Budget 

Next, establish how much you have to spend on this sales demo video. Work with your team to determine how much funds you have to invest. 

While you shouldn’t use more than you have available, it is important to put effort into the video. The better the video, the better your prospects will receive the video. And you’ll need a bigger budget for a higher-quality video. 

Who Will Make It? 

After determining the goal, the budget, and your target audience, decide who’ll be making the video. Will in-house designers make it or will you send it to a marketing agency who can create your sales demo video? 

It all depends on your abilities and budget. If you have designers in-house who have the skills for the task, keep it in the company. But if you have the budget and a dream beyond your internal talent, work with an agency to create your dream sales demo video. 

Remember to keep the timeline in mind. Give your team, whether internal or external, enough time to create the video and edit it to perfection. 

7 Sales Demo Video Tips 

The above steps will help you create your sales demo video, but these tips will help you dominate the SaaS sales cycle, and boost SaaS sales conversion rates

  1. Keep It Short 

Whether your video is posted to social media or your website, the shorter it is the better. A short video forces the script to remove the filler and get to the meat of the video and your software. It’s also necessary, considering human attention spans are getting shorter almost every year. 

So, keep your video under 3 minutes long and remove any irrelevant cuts. 

  1. Script Like A Pro 

SaaS sales demos are all about promises. There is no physical product to showcase to the audience. So, your script needs to be engaging but honest. Be real about your software features and their capabilities. 

It’s also important to hook the audience with how your software can simplify and change their daily operations from the get-go. 

Spend considerable time working through the script for both the voice-over and the characters as well as the video copy. Edit and edit the work again. We’d also suggest working with professional copywriters if you don’t have an internal team who can pull it off. 

  1. Engaging Narrative Voice 

Sales demo videos often rely on narration to convey a clear message over stunning video visuals. Of course, you can go without. But if you do opt for a narrator, make sure you get a quality one. 

The narrator needs to be articulate and expressive. The tone should be consistent throughout the entire video. Conduct thorough interviews to ensure the right voice for your brand.

  1. Engaging But Not Overwhelming 

Stunning and engaging visuals are key for a sales demo video. However, there’s a fine line between good visuals and graphics and an overwhelming amount of transitions and motion graphics. 

Keep the graphics simple, with one focus point for each shot. Keep the tone and color scheme consistent. And don’t overwhelm audiences with whiplash transitions. 

Have your team check the video and take their considerations seriously, especially if some feel the video is too busy. 

  1. Use SEO For Rankings 

Google has caught on to the fact that people prefer video content over other marketing content and has implemented video SEO. Optimize your videos with Google Video SEO best practices to help your video stand out on SERPs. 

Not only will it make your video more discoverable, but having high-ranking videos on your website will also boost your website and other brand content. 

  1. Prioritize Sound Mixing 

Video sound is just as important as video visuals. Music also influences our emotions, and you should take advantage of this during your video. Ensure high-quality audio and have the music lead people to the feeling you want them to associate with your brand. 

  1. End With A CTA 

Remember when you have to determine the video goal? This is where it comes in handy. Use the video goal to influence your CTA. 

For example, if your goal was to get people to click on your website link, add a “click the link below” call to action at the end of the video. 


Sales demo videos are essential for any SaaS brand hoping to make a name for themselves. However, not all sales demo videos are created equal. To tap into your audience and unleash your brand potential, you need to optimize your sales demo video with the above tips. 

Sales demo videos naturally lead to SaaS product demos – and, like sales videos, not all are created equal. 

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