Tech Sales Tools: How to Crush Sales Quotas

If you’re looking for a guide on tech sales, and the best tools for this space, you’re in the right place! 

Tech is a competitive industry, and for a tech business to succeed, it needs an on-the-ball sales team. There are some noteworthy tips and tools that you can use to improve your chances of success in tech sales.  

Let’s discuss what tech sales means. We’re also going to talk about how to boost tech sales, and increase your revenue! 

What Do Tech Sales Mean?

Tech sales is the process of selling technology to businesses. This could include software, hardware, or IT services. 

Working in tech sales can be fast-paced and complicated, with each sales cycle presenting unique challenges. Getting into tech sales is challenging, but can be rewarding and lucrative. 

In the next section, you’ll see how your software business can benefit from the right platforms and processes. 

Tech Sales: How To Boost Tech Sales

Tech sales tends to be focused on selling software as a service (SaaS) to a business. These kinds of B2B sales cycles can be tricky, as you need to make sure you’re offering the right kind of value to the right decision-makers. 

Here are a few things to consider to help you boost your tech sales success. 

  1. Offer Great Software Demos

The decision-making process is a lot more complicated in B2B tech sales. This is why offering personalized live sales demos is so valuable. 

Sales demos let you run through your tech platform in a personal, live call. This lets you show your product in action and reveals the value it can offer your buyer. 

When working in tech sales, nailing sales demos is one of the most important things to get right. There’s a lot that goes into running a great sales demo, and offering strong live demos can boost your sales. 

Remember to personalize the demo as much as possible and make sure that you engage with your prospects during the demo. Live demos aren’t only an opportunity to display how your tech products work, but they let you customize and target your sales pitch around your prospect’s pain points.

A key part of doing sales for a tech company is developing the right demo script. This will help you close deals faster to crush your sales quotas.

Bonus Tip: Personalize Your Demos With the Right Data

Even if a demo is live, it might not be great. The trick to a great demo is a highly personalized one. 

One way to personalize your demos is to include captivating visualized data, such as graphs and charts, that are relevant to your prospects. You can use information that is relevant to the industry or direct business of your prospects. 

Data is important for making your sales demos more compelling and engaging. It also helps you speak to your buyer’s pain points more effectively. 

Using a live demo experience platform like Saleo lets you create hyper-personalized demos. This platform lets you take complete control of data in different formats, such as graphs, charts, and tables. Saleo can help you to create impactful sales demo environments. 

  1. Use a CRM

Using the right customer relationship management (CRM) platform is essential for providing a slick sales process. Your CRM stores everything you need to know about your customers and sales prospects. This information is needed to offer a smooth and strategic sales experience. 

Your CRM platform will help you achieve two things. First, and most importantly, it provides easy access to all of the customer data you need. You can view all of the touchpoints and interactions the lead had with your business, and easily monitor their journey. 

When you know about your prospects, you can engage with them on a more informed level, and understand what will make them likely to purchase your product. 

A CRM can also help you automate time-consuming data processes. All of your prospect’s data is in one place, and you can automatically generate reports. This ensures salespeople always work off accurate customer data, which is essential for meeting sales targets. 

  1. Use Analytics Tools

Your tech sales environment should rely on up-to-date analytics. This is necessary for making more informed decisions in your sales process. 

Analytics platforms can help you better understand your customers and the different interactions they have with your business. These tools let you establish important metrics and track meaningful KPIs to help you measure and optimize your sales performance. 

  1. Establish a Lead Scoring System

Your lead scoring system measures how likely a prospect is to convert to a customer. Effective lead scoring is important for understanding what will help a prospect decide to purchase your software. 

Use lead scoring to accurately measure the potential of each opportunity. You can also use a sales pipeline tool that displays lead scoring to help you operate more efficiently.

  1. Create Enough Sales Content

There are many decisions that buyers need to make with software tech sales. Having the right content available will help you guide those decisions. 

Content can include demos, blog posts, FAQ pages on your website, videos, case studies, customer testimonials, and more. Basically, anything that helps to answer prospects’ questions and develop trust in your business and product. 

Salespeople can use this content in the early stages of the tech sales process to generate awareness, establish trust, and build interest. It’s also a great way to offer up the right information, in an accessible way, without having to manually answer every question a prospect has. 

  1. Use Automation

Sales automation tools exist to help you save time and operate more efficiently. This can be a game changer when it comes to tech sales. 

You can use automation to perform all kinds of tasks, like sales outreach, lead scoring, lead nurturing, and more. If you work with a smaller sales team, or want to save as much time and effort as possible, the  right sales automation tools can make a big difference. 

Final Thoughts

With the right tools and tactics, you can boost your tech sales success! 

Focus on making your operations as efficient as possible, and on keeping prospects and existing clients engaged. 

One of the best ways to improve tech sales is to offer a great demo experience to prospects. If you’re interested in a user-friendly platform that can help you create epic sales demos, consider Saleo. Request a demo today to see how Saleo can benefit your business. 


Brian Cody

VP of Sales Engineering, Clari

Michael Stanczak

VP of Enterprise Sales, illumin

Ryan Splain

Principal Demo Solutions Engineer, Salesloft