Why You Should Outsource Your Sales Enablement

Outsource sales enablement

If you’re thinking about outsourcing your sales enablement but are unsure whether it’s the right business move, we’re here to help you decide.

Outsourcing your sales enablement process could be the best decision to help maximize your team’s performance and fuel business growth.

We’ll help you do it at the right time and find the right team to partner with. Outsourcing ensures your sales enablement methods and materials stay relevant, scalable, and effective. So your sales team’s output remains high without you investing all the time and resources needed to update your systems.

You can outsource your entire sales enablement process or just parts of it, depending on your business needs. Learn more below!

Why Sales Enablement Is Essential 

The business landscape is changing. Consumers now have direct access to all the information and resources they need to make purchasing decisions. Because of this, salespeople are finding it more difficult to convince potential customers and close deals than before. 

That’s why sales enablement is crucial.

When you have solid sales enablement systems, you assist your sales team in spotting opportunities. They can engage your best-fit buyers effectively and close deals easily and fast. Specifically, sales enablement equips sales teams with the skills, product information, market insight, tools, and technology to improve performance. 

This helps to:

  • Increase business revenue by closing more deals faster.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction. Your sales team will be able to offer timely responses to customers’ concerns and give them all the helpful info they may ask for.
  • Improve team morale by building a culture that promotes continuous learning and development within your organization.

Benefits of Outsourcing Sales Enablement

Nearly 54% of companies utilize third-party teams to connect with their target customers efficiently. That’s because outsourcing offers several benefits.

Access to Sales Enablement Experts 

When you outsource, you’re seeking the help of individuals who specialize in enabling sales teams to achieve excellent results. With their expertise, you can be sure to optimize your sales processes.

Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

Enhanced sales processes lead to increased ROI. Your team will pursue more qualified leads, reduce the time it takes to convert leads into sales and close more deals. As a result, they’ll hit their sales and revenue targets consistently, increasing your ROI.


Outsourcing offers instant access to sales enablement infrastructure that’s proven to work. It’s cheaper than recruiting, training, and managing your own sales enablement team. Also, you can lower or increase your sales enablement costs based on your business’s needs. 

This is less expensive than having full-time employees on a payroll.

Improved Systems

Insight from your outsourced team can help improve your other business processes. Most sales enablement outsourcing firms use superior tools to acquire specific customer insight and develop tailored sales enablement strategies for your sales team. You can use this insight to improve your marketing and customer success processes.

Other sales enablement providers can help update your existing sales enablement systems, making them more efficient.

Saves Time

Outsourcing takes the pressure off of handling sales enablement in-house and saves you time. You’ll have the peace of mind, time, and energy to focus on other parts of your business.

Deciding When to Outsource

Even though outsourcing sales enablement offers several benefits, it’s not for every business. Some companies will benefit more from outsourcing than others. 

If your company is a well-established business with a unique product or service and a solid product-market fit, it may not benefit much from outsourcing. The value proposition of such a business likely already holds up, and their product solves the target audience’s problems effectively. so the sales team finds it easy to make sales. 

In this case, an outsourced team may not be of much help.

That said, you should consider outsourcing sales enablement if:

  • Your business is in its early stages of growth and you don’t have enough resources to build an in-house sales enablement team.
  • You want to expand into new markets. Getting into a new market requires you to have specific knowledge about the market and find ways to engage with prospects fruitfully. An outsourced sales enablement process can equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to serve new customer segments successfully.
  • You have high and low selling seasons. With outsourcing, you can adjust your sales capabilities to match your business’s growing needs. Several sales enablement outsourcing providers allow you to select the aspects of enablement you need help with.

You can then adjust your subscription to add or remove some services as your business grows.

  • Your sales team isn’t generating enough leads or is consistently missing their sales target. Usually, this indicates you need to ramp up your training to help your team improve their performance.
  • You are losing your existing customers at an alarming rate. This is another indication that your team requires expert advice and training to produce better results. 

How to Choose Sales Enablement Outsourcing Providers

When looking for a sales enablement provider there are a few key things to do and some important aspects to consider.

Evaluate Your Company’s Sales Processes and Goals 

First, evaluate your current sales processes and overall business goals to understand where your company is and determine where you’d like to go. Doing so will help you clarify what you’d like to achieve by outsourcing your sales enablement. 

  • Are there gaps in your existing sales enablement process you must fill to achieve your sales and general business goals? 
  • How much of your sales enablement process should you outsource to fill these gaps? 
  • What’s your outsourcing budget? 

Answering these questions will give you an idea of the type of sales enablement outsourcing firm you need to work with to meet your goals.

Conduct Research and Compare

Once you know the type of sales enablement provider you need, research to identify specific firms that fit the bill. Select the top five sales enablement agencies and compare them before settling for the most suitable choice. 

When comparing sales enablement outsourcing firms or agencies, consider the following factors to find the perfect fit.

Size and Experience 

How big is their team, and how long have they been around? You want to find a firm with experience in your industry so you can be sure your sales team will be in good hands. 


What kind of sales enablement services do they provide, and do they match what you need? What sales enablement methods, tools, and technology do they use to conduct their services? 

You want to ensure the firm you choose has well-established data-driven processes. You’ll know they can take your team to the next level this way. 

Proven Track Record 

Have they successfully worked with companies similar to yours? What results did they get? Most agencies have customer testimonials, case studies, and reviews you can go through to see if they’ll be a good fit. You can also call to ask for this information. Companies with transparent processes won’t hesitate to share their successes. 


How much do they charge for their services, and what’s their pricing model? Is it by subscription or by contract? Ask for a cost estimate from all the providers you’re considering to identify the one with the best pricing model that fits your budget. 

Commitment to Customer Service 

What’s their customer service like? Are they reliable and available 24/7 through various communication channels, including phone, live chats, and email?

Company Values 

Because the outsourced sales enablement team will be handling your sales team, it’s crucial to find a partner with similar values and work culture to yours. So, the outsourced team blends in well with your sales team. Otherwise, they might encounter resistance, which will derail their enablement efforts.

Ultimately, you want to partner with a firm that aligns with your work culture and has the most suitable expertise and capabilities to help your team excel.


Outsourcing sales enablement allows for an effective use of resources and increased productivity for your sales team. With careful management and oversight, an outsourced sales enablement team can become an invaluable extension of your company.

Before you hire out your sales enablement function, consider setting up internal systems or tools your sales team can use to simplify their selling process. Saleo is  a sales demo automation platform designed to help teams offer an engaging sales demo experience.We handle prospects’ objections effectively, thus signing deals faster. 

These systems can reduce outsourcing costs since you’ll delegate specific aspects of your selling processes instead of outsourcing the entire sales enablement function. Book a free demo to see how our platform can help you.


Brian Cody

VP of Sales Engineering, Clari

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VP of Enterprise Sales, illumin

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Principal Demo Solutions Engineer, Salesloft