Pre-sales, Beware of the Demo Category Illusion

I have a love-hate relationship with copywriting, but few things are more personally gratifying than a well-crafted blog on a subject of which I am passionate.  This is that Blog. Pre-sales and demo experiences have been on my mind for 16 months – with roots that span 17 years back to 2005 when I began […]

Best Practices to Personalize Your Sales Demo Environment

Telling the perfect sales story starts with personalizing your sales demo environment. A great demo environment tells a story that the prospect can relate to. It brings them into your software product and helps to address the exact issues and areas of value that they’re interested in. Get this right and you will be able […]

Killer B2B Software Demo Strategies

Have you ever wondered who penned ‘seeing is believing?’ Well, whoever did deserves an award because they were clearly justifying the existence of sales demos in a few words.  The sales demo is a crucial part of your sales process. It’s when you show off how cool and beneficial your product is and convince customers […]

8 Ways to Take Your Sales Demo Experience to the Next Level: Powerful Tips to Empower Your Team

Sales demos are an essential part of the selling process, but all too often they can be a disjointed and frustrating experience for prospects. In order to take your sales demo experience to the next level, you need to connect your demos to your customer’s pain points, summarize past conversations, personalize your product demo, answer […]

The Importance of Personalized Screenshots for Product Marketers: How Generating Great Product Images Will Increase Conversions

We’ve written a lot of blogs on how Saleo’s real-time demo personalization can change the life of your sales team, but did you know it’s also a great solution for product marketers? We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. And in the world of product marketing, great images can be the […]