How To Structure A Sales Demo ‒ Top 10 Ideas

SaaS sales demo conversion rates can range from 1% to 30%, depending on whether it’s B2B or B2C. For B2B, being in the 30th percentile is impressive. B2C? Hitting 5% is considered hitting the jackpot.  While the numbers sound small, reaching these benchmarks is surprisingly difficult if you’re not strategic about your SaaS sales demo.  […]

How Does Customer Experience Impact Sales?

What is your SaaS company’s customer experience like? How does customer experience impact sales?  Often overlooked, customer experience, whether good or bad, is directly linked to your sales and revenue. While avoiding a bad customer experience is good, adopting a great customer experience is better!  It’s a simple but effective way to breathe life into […]

Boost Business ‒ SaaS Sales and Marketing Tips

Looking for new ways to boost business through sales and marketing? We’ve got some of the most important SaaS sales and marketing tips you should keep in mind. SaaS sales landscapes are incredibly competitive, and always changing. This means you need to stay on top of the industry and constantly refine your sales process if […]

Best Sales Demo Personalization Tips

Sales demos are categorized into two broad categories: those available for public viewing, like a demo on your website, and those personalized for a prospect.  With sales demos being so critical, especially in the SaaS environment, personalizing a demo can work wonders for sales – especially if your software is layered and offers a variety […]

Sales Demo Video ‒ 7 Top Creation Tips

A sales demo video is a short video that demonstrates the benefits of your product or service. In the SaaS field, a demo video showcases a short demo of the software, which then encourages leads to request a full interactive demo of the software.  Your sales demo video can make or break your pitch. 73% […]