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Selling Software as a Service (SaaS) can be more challenging than your everyday tangible product, as you need to capture the interest of the client in creative ways. You need to become familiar with the best SaaS sales methods. 

This article guides you through what makes a SaaS sales method great, and a few of the best methods for you to choose from. 

What Makes a SaaS Sales Method Great? 

To successfully sell SaaS, you need an innovative sales method that will showcase the product to the customer, why they should buy into it, and how it will improve their daily operations. 

The right sales method is crucial and forms a template for the sales team to follow so that they can maximize success at each step. 

Different sales methods will work for different sales approaches, so the one you choose should fit well with your team, your product, and the clients to which you are selling. 

For example, the client may be in the market for a product to solve a specific problem they have, and therefore your sales approach can include focusing on features of your product that can solve that problem. However, if they are just looking for a product to generally make their operations easier and more streamlined, you may want to shift the focus to selling for that purpose. 

It is generally best to keep your method simple, as a complicated sales method can pose a risk of failure to deliver on your end, and it could confuse or overwhelm the client. 

You should also always be cognisant of the costs involved with various sales methods, as you want to stick within your budget and avoid spending too much on one particular method that may result in difficulty with others. 

SaaS Sales Methods: Top Choices

SPIN Selling

The SPIN Selling method enables you to sell based on the client’s situation and problems. 

This sales method follows the steps: Situation, problem, implication, and need-payoff. First, you need to ascertain and understand the client’s operations and environment. Next, encourage them to identify problems to which they need a solution. 

You can then link your product to these problems, making it clear how it can directly provide a solution. The more detail, the better. Finally, you engage with the client until they have given you a clear answer or commitment regarding the sale. 

Inbound Selling

When looking to target marketing content to specific audiences, the Inbound Selling method works best. 

The method entails creating relevant marketing material that is then aimed at likely clients on various platforms such as social media, websites, mailers, etc. It aims to build a connection with a potential client, and then showcase the value of your product through the content you share. 

The content should be specific to the targeted clients, and showcase the features of the products that can directly solve their problems or enhance their operations. Once the connections are made, and the product has been marketed, it should ultimately lead to sales conversions. 

Challenger Sale

Many sales methods look to sell a product to fit within a client’s existing environment, but sometimes you need to show them how your product can expand on that environment. This is where the Challenger Sale method comes in. 

This SaaS sales method focuses on introducing new concepts and ideas to the client. The approach is to broaden their minds and show them how the product can bring in something new to what currently exists, and how this new expansion will benefit them. Essentially, they are challenged to think outside of the box. 

This method can work well in two specific scenarios. Firstly, if the product has modern and innovative features that the client may not have considered a need, this method shows them why the features will work. Secondly, the method works if the product can offer a new way of doing things in the client’s existing operations. This focuses on innovation in their activities. 

Sandler Selling System

For an effective B2B SaaS sales method, the Sandler Selling System is a good option.

Businesses in similar industries work closely and have similar needs, so this method takes a personal approach to selling products. 

There is a significant focus on creating a relationship with the business first. This enables you to find out more about the business, how they operate, and any problems they have that need solutions. 

Once you are more familiar with the business, you can then present your product as a resolution to any of its pain points. This method does require more time and effort, but it is perfect for use on higher-end products with a greater payoff. 

Target Account Selling

When it comes to selling a SaaS product, you ideally want to target your time and resources to likely clients. Casting a wide net can be wasteful, and result in few sales conversions.

For a focused approach, the Target Account Selling method is streamlined and efficient. It requires you to use CRM tools to narrow down potential clients based on needs and characteristics that align with the product you are selling. 

Once you have your focused list of sales leads, the team can begin marketing the product to those specific clients. This ensures your resources are directed to the right people, and you will see a higher turnover as a result. 


Picking the right SaaS sales method is an important process. You need to analyze your product and the potential clients before deciding which method will work best and generate the highest sales. 

There are many SaaS sales methods, each with its own focus and benefits. If you want to take your sales demos to the next level, look no further than Saleo. We provide the best platform to host innovative sales techniques and maximize your sales conversions. 

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