Top 7 Tips For A Great Product Demo Experience

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Providing an excellent product demos experience is one of the best ways to close more sales. A product demo is an excellent tool that you should use in your sales process! 

By providing a great demo experience, you’ll engage prospects more effectively, offer them more value, and ultimately, boost your sales. 

Delivering a strong product demo is no easy task, as each demo can be different based on your prospect. However, by getting a few essentials right, you’ll be able to turn any product demo into a success. 

Here are some of the best tips you need to know for creating an outstanding product demo experience. 

  1. Be Prepared

Preparing in advance is the first tip for delivering a great product demo experience. The better you understand your prospect and their specific situation, the more effectively you’ll be able to tailor your product demos experience around their needs. This will help make your demo more compelling, resulting in a better win rate. 

Start by researching exactly who your prospect is, what position they hold in the company, and what their company does. Try to establish what their main pain points might be, and find ways your product can be used for their company. Your goal is to find a few value propositions that your product can bring to the customer. 

It’s also worth researching the prospect’s competitors, and understanding exactly how your product can help the prospect in their marketplace. If you have relevant case studies from the same industry, it’s worth preparing these for the demo.

  1. Set a Clear Agenda

Your product demos experience needs to be well-planned and well-organized. When your prospect gets onto the call, make sure you establish a clear agenda with them. Introduce yourself, and outline the exact steps the product demo will cover. 

This will help you budget your time for the demo efficiently, and ensure you properly cover every aspect of your product demo script. 

A good strategy here is to email the agenda of your product demo to the prospect in advance. This allows you to ask if they have any additional questions or anything they want to learn about your product. Having this information before the demo will help you prepare for a stronger pitch. 

  1. Talk 20%, Listen 80%

An excellent product demos experience should never be one long pitch from the salesperson. Instead, it should be conversational, where the prospect has plenty of opportunities to speak and engage with the sales rep. 

Make sure you take time to listen to the prospect and give them plenty of opportunities to ask questions and engage with you. Always pause for a few seconds after the prospect has spoken to ensure you don’t cut them off. 

The more you listen to the prospect and let them speak, the better you can personalize your product demo around their situation. This is necessary for a great product demos experience. 

  1. Focus on Questions

Spend some time at the start of your product demo opening up the floor for questions. Ask the prospect if there’s anything they want to know about or see in the demo. This will help make your product demos experience more relevant and targeted toward the prospect’s specific pain points. 

After this, ask a few questions yourself. Ask questions to confirm the customer’s goals, and confirm what selection criteria they’re looking for in the product you’re selling. This will help you focus your product demo on areas that make the most impact. 

This can also help you identify what value proposition the customer is most interested in, giving you a clear area to focus on during the product demo.

  1. Explain the Value 

At this stage, you have a clear understanding of the prospect’s goals and pain points. This is where you can start addressing these issues, highlighting the value your product can bring. 

Introduce your product’s different features and functions, and address how these features can impact the prospect’s specific situation. Simply listing product features is not very compelling, but linking these features to the specific value the prospect is looking for makes your product demos experience a lot more powerful. 

  1. Use Data

Personalizing your product demos experience with data is one of the best ways to create a more engaging and interesting demo. This should involve presenting tables, graphs, and any other types of data visualizations that back up what you’re saying. 

Ideally, these data visualizations should be personalized to each prospect. This is something you can easily do with the right sales demo platform. Using data will help you build a much stronger case for your product, and make your demo a lot more interesting. 

  1. Introduce the Next Steps

The best way to end your product’s demo is by introducing the next steps the prospect should take. Never just end the product demo without telling the prospect what the next steps are. Otherwise, they might not follow through with the purchase. 

Before you finish the demo, ask the prospect if they have any final questions. This gives you a chance to clear up any concerns they might have. 

Then, establish what the prospect needs to do next. This could be setting up another meeting to address the additional questions they have, or it could be helping them get started with the product. Wherever the case, follow up the product demo with an email outlining the next steps. 

This will make it easier for the prospect to commit to making the purchase.  


These tips are all relatively easy to implement, but they’ll make an enormous difference to your product demos experience. 

As long as you understand your prospect, address all of their concerns, and provide relevant value to them, your product demo will be a lot stronger. 

You can achieve this by asking the right questions, carefully preparing your product demo script, and of course, using the right sales software. Get this right, and you should be closing a lot more deals. 

Consider using Saleo to curate an epic, personalized sales demo experience. Request a demo today to see how Saleo can benefit your business! 

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