Why Sales Demo Personalization?

There are very few things as important in the software sales process as the demo.  Discovery is important,  the relationship is important, but the demo is everythingA great demo vs an average demo can be the difference between winning a deal or losing a deal. 

With over 25 years of combined SaaS Experience, our co-founders (having worked at different SaaS technologies before meeting) had identical experiences: Sales teams constantly had issues demoing SaaS platforms, and it was for a vast number of reasons:

Sales Demo Experience: a problem worth solving

Having moved departments from marketing & sales to co-lead a product team at a leading SaaS platform, our co-founders started looking into who shares the responsibility when it comes to personalized sales demos. After years in the product role it became clear; no team at any SaaS platform had a clear understanding of how to go-to-market with personalized sales demos. For most, the hill was just too high to climb.

Product couldn’t support multiple demo environments, engineering didn’t want to take the time to do multiple custom one-offs. Product marketing was overwhelmed, and sales teams & solutions consultants needed the support of these teams to execute their plays.

Developing a Sales Demo Personalization Solution:

Once the issue was clear our co-founders knew they had a big problem to solve, to make personalizing sales demos easy they needed to tackle a number of problems:

  • Our solution needed to involve no code, immense usability, no security risks, and does not require product or engineering teams to integrate into our customers SaaS platforms.
  • We needed to be able to edit any page of a SaaS demo instantly. That included graphs, images, icons, and text while not affecting the product’s stability.
  • Our users need to be able to share templates, quickly make changes, and launch personalized sales demos in seconds.
  • Sales, and product marketing teams needed to be able to edit the values of any graph in their SaaS product to quickly tell a story.
  • We needed to figure out a way to quickly fill in empty, null, or old demo data to create a clean experience for sales teams.

After we laid out these issues, Saleo was born. It was a very real problem that we had felt personally and that our colleagues were struggling with on a daily basis. After starting development in early 2021, Saleo is ready to serve sales, sales engineers, solutions consultants and product marketing with the goal of winning more deals and generating more revenue. Are you ready to close more deals with personalized sales demos?


Brian Cody

VP of Sales Engineering, Clari

Michael Stanczak

VP of Enterprise Sales, illumin

Ryan Splain

Principal Demo Solutions Engineer, Salesloft