The Power of Personalization: How to Improve Sales Demo Environments

Sales demos are an essential part of sales. It’s why we created Saleo, we exist to help software companies create great software demos to win more customers. Sales demos provide a way for sales reps to show prospects how their product can solve their specific problems. However, they can be improved by personalizing the data inside the sales demos environment. Showcasing generic data (besides failing to show your product in its best light) is not interesting or relevant to the prospect, and can cause them to lose interest. Personalized data, on the other hand, tells a story that resonates with the prospect and helps them see how the product can benefit them, and it helps you win more deals. In this blog post, we will discuss how to improve your sales demo environments with personalization!

1. Creating A Sales Demo Environment Personalization Plan:

Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, ‘Make me feel important.’ Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life.

Mary Kay Ash

The first step to improving your sales demo environments is by to outline all the ways you can personalize your sales demos data. For example, imagine you are a sales rep for a an account-based selling software. Your generic data might include information about the company’s size, logo, number of employees, and industry. However, without personalization this data is not interesting or relevant to most prospects. Imagine you are in healthcare, but being showcased a demo that was built for SaaS, it won’t resonate nearly the way a personalized demo will. A better approach would be to personalize the data by showing how the product can benefit their specific business, by making the sales demo environment match as closely as it will look when that prospect purchases your software. For example, in our healthcare example above, simply replacing the company names, logos, employees, etc with relevant companies in your prospects industry, will keep their attention and make them feel like they have already bought your product! You can’t afford to go without personalizing your software demos, after all, if you don’t, your competition will! Luckily, Saleo makes it easy to personalize your SaaS demos at scale!

2. Personalizing Images, Icons, and Logos in Your Sales Demo Environment

Another way to improve sales demo environments is by personalizing the images inside them. Generic images like logos, icons, and stock-image headshots showing fake users using your platform are often not interesting or relevant to the prospect, and can cause them to lose interest. Personalized images, on the other hand, are relevant to the prospect and help them see how the product can benefit them, and better imagine themselves using your product. For example, imagine you are a demoing a company specializing in chat bots for B2B websites. Images might include using the company’s logo on the chat popup to show how it will look like when it deploys, and even headshots of your sales or support team to make it look like they are answering the chats. Personalizing your demos at scale will help your prospect see how your product can help them compete against their competitors, and solve their problems faster.

It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s rather about handling the opportunities right.

Mark Hunter

3. Telling a Better Story With Data: Using Personalized Graphs & Data to Enhance Your Demo Environment

Until Saleo came along, another incredibly complex way to improve sales demo environments is by personalizing the graphs and data inside them. Previously this meant creating whole software databases or entire new sales demo environments for each customer. Not anymore! Saleo allows you to spin up personalized sales demo environments in seconds without any code or integrations direct to your software. Here is the problem: generic graphs are often not interesting or relevant to the prospect, and even worse, empty data and fields leave your prospects wondering how your product truly would work for them. Personalized graphs, on the other hand, that are relevant to the prospect and help them see how the product can benefit them are the difference between an “ok” demo, and a great demo. Maybe your customer is worried about lowering their average cost per acquisition in your marketing product? Simply hit a few buttons in Saleo and your graphs can help tell whatever story you want! It doesn’t stop there! If you need to send a leave-behind to your prospect, or create screenshots for a slide deck, Saleo allows you to create any dat story in seconds, its a product marketers best friend! And best of all, you are demoing your own product! Not a series of interactive screenshots!

4. Personalizing Text, Titles, Tables & More to Give the Best Demo Experience

Finally, an easy way to improve your sales demo environments is by personalizing the titles, sections, headings, and tables of your sales demo. Generic titles and sections all too often plague complex sales demos. Generic greetings, or generic data inside tables can cause your prospects to lose interest fast. Personalized titles and sections immediately help your prospects to see how the product is relevant to them. For example, imagine you are demoing a prospect that sells to big-box retailers. When you sign up customers your software greets them by name “Hi Walmart.” However, in your generic demo environment, it just says “Hi Example Company.” Even better, imagine trying to show off rows of demo data showing products being sold. What do you think your prospect will resonate better with “Example Product 1, Example Product 2, etc” with empty or zeroes out data in each row, or seeing the latest hot-selling products they deal with on a daily basis, and the types of insights they can expect with your platform?

The power of personalization can be used to take a losing sales demo environments, and completely turn them around. By personalizing the data, images, graphs, and titles and sections of your sales demo, you can help the prospect see how the product can benefit them. Are you ready to start winning more deals with personalized sales demo environments? Request a demo today!


Brian Cody

VP of Sales Engineering, Clari

Michael Stanczak

VP of Enterprise Sales, illumin

Ryan Splain

Principal Demo Solutions Engineer, Salesloft